Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production & Curriculum Research,Pune
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Law and Info. Department
Head Of Department (HOD)
Shri. Mane Ravindra Ramchandra
Designation of HOD
I/c. Law Officer
About Department
  • To file Legal court cases on behalf of the Director in the District courts in the state of Maharashtra as well as in the Hon. High court, Bombay and benches at Nagpur and Aurangabad & Hon. Supreme Court, Delhi and Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (MAT) To file affidavits, to give replies to the Legal Notices given by various advocates to the Bureau in all legal court matters.
  • To brief the facts and figures to Bureau’s various Advocates & to submit all required documents, files, registers etc.
  • To prepare Drafts replay of affidavits to be filled in various courts and get it approved from the Director of the Bureau and final affidavits to be signed on behalf of the Director and to submit before the Honorable courts.
  • To attend hearings of the court cases filed by the Bureau and filled against the Bureau in various courts before Honorable courts. To remind & to enquire about day to day position of court cases from Bureau’s advocated for hearing fo these courts cases.
  • To collect all required documents along with the original document from various sections/Depots of the Bureau. To give replies to the concerned persons in respect of letters received by the Bureau in respect of Right to Information Act 2005.
  • To collect and verify all required original documents, Files, Registers, Vouchers of the Bureau, Employee in respect of House Building to raise & release mortgages of House Building advance of Bureau’s employee, Advance cases before obtaining Legal opinions.
  • Contract, Agreement in all respects, Legal documents of Bureau’s Head Office, Production Office, Mumbai and all Nine Depots of the Bureaus.
  • To appoint advocates on behalf of the Bureau.
  • To submit all information to the Director in respect of court decisions, present positions of all court cases.
Senapati Bapat Marg, Pune 411004