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Head Of Department (HOD)
Shri. Dhamapurkar Prashant Pandurang
Designation of HOD
About Department
  • The Library of Balbharati is reference library and it is extended about 11,000 Sq. ft. It is very rich, well-equipped and computerized library.
  • This library is established for the purpose of reference to the concerned writers and committee members for the preparation and production of textbooks.
  • In this library, there are 1 lakh 55 thousand (1.55 Lakhs) books of English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannad, Sindhi, Urdu, Telugu, French, German, Spanish, Sanskrit, Pali, Ardhamagadhi languages.
  • There are rich reference books like Encyclopedia, Vishwakosh, Dictionaries, Restricted / Unrestricted Maps, Relief Maps, CD and Audio Cassettes, Textbooks, Government Publications, Globes, etc.
  • There is a collection of rare textbooks from the year 1837 and all those books have been digitized.
  • The process of digitization of the Bureau’s textbooks of the old series has been completed. Till date, 2,50,000 (Two Lakh and Fifty Thousand) pages have been digitized. It is proposed that textbooks in the old series are going to be published for all on free of cost basis at Textbook Bureau’s Website. Till date almost 2188 textbooks/books have been digitized.
  • In the library, there is a collection of the textbooks of other States like Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab and Manipur States, etc. Also, the collection of textbooks of CBSE, GCSC, ICSC and IB Boards. There are also collected textbooks of other countries like Japan, France, China, Korea etc.
  • The library has subscribed 22 foreign periodicals/ Journals and 114 periodicals in various languages. The library receive 10 periodicals as a complimentary copy.
  • In this library there is a collection of 5500 bound volumes of periodicals/ journals which subscribed from the Textbook Bureau.
  • The library has acquired three to four thousand books in every year through purchase and gift.
  • The library provided various types of free online databases of E-Books, E-Journals for reference purpose.
  • Library service has been also provided to the many research persons and students in the limited basis.
Senapati Bapat Marg, Pune 411004