• The various subject and language committees are entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the manuscripts of textbooks. All the different levels of education i.e. primary, secondary, college, university, are represented in the committee. The committees also include teachers,  educators and educationists. An officer of the Bureau works as the Member-Secretary of the Committee. To enhance the visual appeal of
the textbooks, well-known artists are invited to illustrate the book
  • The textbooks published are screened from the standpoint of national integration and other democratic values.
  • Every textbook printed and published by the Bureau is authenticated before it undergoes a reprint. Updating the text matter before reprinting is a regular feature of the Bureaus activities.

  • The Bureau undertakes the production and distribution of textbooks for secondary / higher secondary schools also, the manuscripts of which are prepared by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune.
  • The Academic Wing of the Bureau is constantly in touch with the literary and educational institutions and other departments to keep itself

        abreast of the latest information, innovations and developments in different fields.
  • The Bureau publishes Textbooks and Teacher’s Handbooks in eight languages: Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Telugu and Sindhi (in Arabic and Devnagari scripts). This includes language textbooks, textbooks for other school subjects like Mathematics, Science, History and Geography and also teachers’ handbooks for Environmental Studies, Physical Education and Health, Work Experience and Art.

  • There are subject committees for each of the eight languages and the other nine subjects.
  • Each committee is assisted by an Academic Officer of the Bureau who works as a Member-Secretary of the Committee.

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